Hashtag this and hashtag that, I don’t even like hash you say?? That is what you call the “pound sign” we used to call it when you use it in front of a word in a “tweet”.

Isn’t that something that Elmer Fudd used to eat? Or was that Bug Bunny? Or could it even be used in say Green Eggs and Hash? Just say “Hash” and if you get “that far away look in your eye” as Jim Staford sang back in the day about the “Wildwood flower” and there is a whole other meaning.

So what is a Tweet Up you ask, well I asked the same thing and the folks at The Karcher Group (TKG) had the answers. In fact is was they who suggested the whole thing I think.

Since we do use Social Media a fare bit as a business tool and we have developed a great working relationship together the gang at TKG thought we were a good location to host such an event. If you follow us at Maize Valley you know we are sort of a winery with ADHD and are always out there testing the boundries and trying new stuff. This is an example of that.

As an agricultural based business we are also in the forfront of many new marketing techniques and blending of customer demographics. Farmers have always been great innovators of technology. That is why you don’t pay much for your food. I know most people think of us as simple bib overall wearing hayseed chewing worker types which is true. But did you know we had satelite guideance systems in our combines 12 years ago?

We use Face book and Twitter to reach new guests and keep our many friends, customers, and collegues informed as to “What’s coming up, Down on the Farm”. Come check us out!


Tweetup Thursday with @FunTsar & @KarcherGroup at Maize Valley! http://bit.ly/mvtweetup #MVtweetup

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