Maize Valley Wines

Award-Winning Taste

From our fields to your glass, Maize Valley Winery handcrafts quality wines from fresh, local ingredients. We carefully produce balanced flavors that you can savor whether you are an experienced wine drinker, or just learning to enjoy the fruits of the vine.

We grow several varieties of grapes in our vineyards.  We focus primarily on French American Hybrids such as La Crescent, Vignoles, Traminette, Frontenac & Frontenac Gris.  These varieties have proven to be able to withstand our harsh Ohio winters and produce award winning Ohio Quality Wines.  We also grow Concord, a native American variety, known for its large purple fruit used in grape juice and grape jelly.

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While Maize Valley is proud to be an “eat local drink local” winery, there are varietals that cannot be grown in our area because of climate and soil conditions.  For these wines, we are committed to sourcing the highest quality fruit available from various regions of the country.

Maize Valley’s vintage wines have been recognized with awards for taste, quality and even packaging. Visit our wine-tasting room or browse our wine varieties to learn more.