It has been said “life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know what you are going to get”. We have been having quite a winter. It has been cold, really cold, a winter “like we use to have” you hear people say. A winter that has been cold and snowy, some happening at the same time even. But the other night something special happened, “Snow Rollers” formed across the countryside.

Snow Rollers
Snow Rollers for a limited time only!

I saw a few here or there, then more then I started noticing where they were and it dawned on me, I’ve been around snow my whole life and I’d never seen anything like this.
Often times you get clumps of ice that form as snow thaws and refreezes that form like “ice rocks” on the landscape. Or you have windblown fields and clumps of dirt shield snow from blowing away that form mini-mounds that can remain also. But these are different when you look more closely.

Snow Rollers delicate and cold
Snow Rollers delicate and cold

Little Snowman bellies dotted the fields, it looked like Mother Nature was working on the foundation for Clone Army of Snowmen.

An Army of white!

Now I’m not a conspiracy theorist but….

Mother Nature's Snowman Clone Army
Mother Nature's Snowman Clone Army

Ok, so they don’t have legs, but they are snowmen that didn’t stop Burl Ives! I bet if it was going to happen this is how it would start! Can you imagine the deafening roar of all of these “snow rollers” coming to life and saying “Happy Birthday” simultaneously! (For you younger folks, Google “Frosty the Snowman” putting on his hat, or click here to see.
So what is this Polar Vortex and how did it bring about this clone army?

Polar Vortex
Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex’s (on each pole both North and South) are basically Cold Core Low pressure areas, or persistent large scale Cyclones. You can learn more here
Occasionally they wander away from their home turf and we end up with some “unique” weather for our area. To be fair it was a brief warm up that allowed for the formation of these little guys. But without the extended weather provided by the P.V. I don’t think they would have come to life.

So what do these Snow Rollers look like in real time? I shot this video of one sleeping. I figured they are nocturnal since they formed at night and I have not seen them move since.

Bottom line is they are something special, we strive to be a special place that does special things that holds a special place in people’s lives. Thanks for stopping by.

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