As I have said the blog is Ohio Wine and MORE ! We are much more than a winery, just as enjoying wine or any beverage is much more than the product itself, but rather the people you share it with and the memories you build with them.

Let’s face it for all the fuss about “Big Bold Reds” etc. if you really want an alcoholic beverage with “body” search out and find a good Dark Beer! But that is just my call on that one. Wine by nature is just more delicate and suited for a different role in persons lives. And isn’t that what it is really all about, people? Yes you have to have a quality product but I like to always say you can always go back and buy more wine but you can’t go back and make more time.

I have been talking a great deal about what we “Do” in the spring time around the farm but have not mentioned our market where we sell most of it. The other day I shot a walk through video of our retail farm market, and tasting room. My camera is not the greatest when it comes to lighting so don’t think this is going to be showing up at the Sundance Film Fest. or anything.

Take Care and Hakuna Matata!!

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