Open roof design
Open roof design
Extending the season
Extending the season with more cover

What coming up down on the farm? Just one more step for us at Maize Valley as we try and shift our crop production to what we see as new opportunities.

Just a few years ago we were farming over 3000 acres, milking about 150 head of Holestiens, and running a diverse ag supply business. What started as throwing some sweet corn seed in the 12 row corn planter on the last round of the spring planting season grew into a direct marketing enterprise and the rest is well…history.

This new greenhouse will join three others in helping us in our efforts to extend our growing season here in Northeast Ohio and produce a greater variety of crops.

We direct market these crops at area farmers’ markets but also serve them in our entrees’ in our winery cafe’ and also through our monthly “Vintner Dinner” series.

At Maize Valley we make great wine…FUN!

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