Early Tomatoes
Getting a early start in the Greenhouse!
Overhead view of Mater!
Overhead view of Mater!
Everyday and Wine Trail Tastings too!
Everyday wine tastings and Wine Trail events too!
Weddings at our "Ballroom"

From weddings at the “Ballroom” to raising greenhouse crops, and winter farmers’ markets and a record setting year in the winery tasting room and cafe’ It has been a busy winter! My father in law Kay is gearing up for a HUGE season at the farmers’ market where it looks like at least nine markets a week for us. Wine tastings from Geneva to Dayton to Sandusky and more will keep us occupied too. Plus all the great special events from years past plus a few more are on the horizon as well. You need to stop out and see why we say “Maize Valley IS the placet To BE!

I have been busy working our face book and twitter pages too so this blog sort of got the “hind tit” approach as they say in the world of raisin’ Hogs! But all in all it has been a good winter too. Not too terrible cold with lots of snow cover really helped the grapes and they are looking fine. Now we just have to get through the rest of the spring and past any late frosts in May and we will be sitting pretty.

The video below is just one small snapshot of what is coming this summer at Maize Valley. Thanks for stopping by!

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