Kay and the boys planting veggie seeds, Local Matters!

Kay and the boys planting veggie seeds, Local Matters!,
originally uploaded by FunTSAR.

I am looking for things to do without going out into the cold yet, yea I am being whimpy but hey isn’t it supposed to be getting warmer out?

It’s cloudy and cool out today but it is time to start getting some more veggie seeds going in the greenhouse. Kay my wife’s Dad (that would be my father-in-law) has the Weisant boys helping him plant seeds in the greenhouse. Galen Weisant has worked with us for over 20 years and is a huge part of us getting all the work done on the farm. His boys help out to and this is just one way by growing local that we can help to provide jobs for kids in our area. When we really need a job done we put Galen on it!

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