As you may have seen I am on Twitter. Many people ask what is that? How do I use it? What good is it? Well I use it to search out things I am interested in or need to better understand as a farmer, business person and owner of a winery with what you might say is “ADHD”!

We have over 20 different types of wine on our racks at Maize Valley. From fruit wines to grape, from dry to sweet.

Most “wine drinkers” are really suprised when talking about wine with them when I tell them that sweet wines make up over 75% of our sales. Then you get into a long discussion about the why’s and why not’s etc. and what the different chacteristics are that make up wine it is good to find resources to refer to. I have found one such resource.

Now I could steal their work and post it as something I found out but I would rather just say hey, check this out and hope you learn something from it. Our blog is called Wine and More and I just can’t get it all done and do the work around the farm too!

So check out “The Wine Whore” @

Read and enjoy!



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