Hello everyone! We wanted let you know that the Hot Air Balloon Lift-Off, that is just PART of our activities that are scheduled for today, is tentative. Our plans originally were to launch at 4 PM today, Saturday September 26th. Due to the weather down south and the system that has moved in, the wind is a little too strong today.

UPDATE 3:45 PM – Quick update: We are temporary closing the entrance until some vehicles leave, we are out of room.  Will update as information becomes available. We apologize for the inconvenience, just need to get people parked!

What does that mean?

What Else Can You Do:

Our Hot Air Balloon Lift-Off is just ONE of the main events going on at Maize Valley today. Here is the short list:

For a full event list and details, click here to see all the details of our fall activities

We hope to see you there and we will try to keep everyone updated as we know more on our Facebook page!

Here is also a link to the post this morning with the update: https://www.facebook.com/bill.bakan/posts/10207858844048347

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