Do you eat small birds?
Do you eat small birds?Maize Valley Destination Health“. Part of Ohio Wine and MORE is the fact that we are much more than a winery. We are a agricultural destination and part of that is production of healthy fresh grown produce. Time is one resource none of us can make more of and by taking care of our health we can make the most out of what we have. Stay in touch as we help to create a destination that is real and balanced in respect to helping live a more “time capturing” experiencing of life. I am not talking about being a bark eating, tree hugging, bug squishing extremist or anything. I mean health and exercise that fits well into your life and can become part of your lifestyle on a consistant basis that makes sense and is fun.

We are working with the great folks over at Aultman Hospital in Canton Ohio to merge our strengths to create a unique destination for health. Say tuned for updates.

Hopefully we can get back out into the vineyard tomorrow as the clouds part and finish up pruning on the later grapes. Lots of meetings coming up, planning for our Celtic/Beltane Fest. our 5K race, the Civil War Re-enactment. etc. etc. etc.



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