Cherry, Traminette, and Family Reserve
Cherry, Traminette, and Family Reserve

2009 Ohio Wine Competition Best of Show Red Wine: Maize Valley Winery, Family Reserve, NV, American

At Ohio Wine and More we show and talk about a lot of different things. When I give talks I always get a laugh when I say we are a Winery with ADHD, well there is some truth in that for those of you who know us personally.

Our saying or motto is “We Make Great Wine…FUN!! Those words have two meanings. We believe if you are going to talk the talk you have to walk the walk so to speak. We grow some of our own fruit, buy local grapes and juices from other growers and the university (OARDC) also. We bring in grapes from the best locations possible to make as high a quality product as we can for our guests.

We focus on the overall experience with friends as well on delivering a quality product. A great wine is no good with lousy service, and I always say you can always find another great wine, but you can never go back and make more time.

We source as local as possible while still meeting the desires of a very diverse customer base, quality IS KING. Our ulitimate goal is the sustainablity of our family farm and to have the biggest positive economic impact on our community possible.

This is not a overgrown hobby for us, it pays all the bills that go along with life, we make the farm payment, we raise our kids here. We look at the big picture and try and adapt to it as best as possible to keep “all the balls in the air” so to speak. People say owning a winery and a vineyard is such hard work, we just laugh. They must have never milked cows for a living!!

In the video below please enjoy seeing our wine maker, my brother-in-law Todd talk about our latests medal winning wines.

And we extend congratulations and thanks to all other medal winners. For a little ole’ winery like us it is an honor to be in such great company!

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