Brett helping Dad clean up "Barbara Ann"

Bar, Bar, Bar, Barbara Ann, yea that’s my car’s name. I am just 45 years young, but the Cadnum brothers who lived across the street from me growing up were a few years older than me and they were always those “cool older guys” a kid looked up to growing up. They always had cool cars from Chevelle SS’s to Z28’s to Impala’s so I just got started lovin the sound of a heavy cammed V-8, the smell of burning rubber, and the feeling Torque gives you as it shoves you back in the seat as the front end lifts up leaving a stop light. In short as they said in Top Gun “I feel the need, the need for speed” and no matter bikes or cars I gotta scratch that itch now and then.

Now I work a lot so I don’t get to cruise much and I use my car as a daily driver in the summer as much as possible. So I figured why not start a Cruise in myself. With that in mind we started the “Cruisein the Vines” car cruise at Maize Valley. EVERY Thursday evening from May 14th till September 24th we kick it out with crusin tune courtsey of Top Down D.J.’s great door prizes, 50/50 drawing, special cruiser food prices, wagon rides, barrel train rides, and later our pumpkin cannon shoot watermelons once in season. Yea we are a Winery with ADHD but we sure have a lot of fun too! We get between 50 to 300 cars depending upon the weather and time of year.

Our cruise, like most things we do, is a little different. We get as many if not more “specatator” cars as we do rods. Many times it is a cruiser’s family with grandkids and such who come out because we have such a mix of things for people to do for many generations. That way I like to think that grandma and grandpa can share their loves and hobbie with their whole family instead of just seeing a tarp covered car in the garage at Christmas.

We take wagon rides through the vineyard and surrounding fields and talk about the crops and what is growing around the farm too. And as I mentioned earlier when we get some plentiful ammo the cannon comes out and all the “gear heads” really love it. It is just as one sponser put it “Stupid Fun”. I’ll be telling you more about the cannon as the year goes along, think discovery channel type stuff.

This past weekend I got my ride out and duster her off for use this summer. My son Brett is Autistic, but when I said please go get the vacume to clean out the car he was “ON IT”! She has a lot of use on her anymore but still gets lots of looks and is fun to drive but most of all my kids love her!

At Maize Valley, We Make Great Wine…FUN!!

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