My 52' IS part of the family
My 52' IS part of the family
I like to find old things and give them new life. The house we live in my wife’s grandfather was born in, my 65′ Chevy came home from Arizona and no one loved it (it did look pretty rough, and my wife said “you want to fix that?”), and when I found a 1952 Ford F5 in a warehouse on the West Side of Cleveland a few years ago I could not pass it up.

My brother Tim went to look at it and it had 3434 original miles on it, original tires with probably original air in them too. She was covered in boxes and buried under picnic tables, garden hoses and had a big ole’ snow plow hanging on her front bumper. All the guys looking for a street rod were not interested in her so I took her home and gave her a new life.

She does parades, hauls produce, pulls trailers and now then we throw a couple of bales on the back let the kids climb on board and sneak out and get ice cream in her too! So if one is good two must be better right, wellllllll we are still working on that on. Here are few videos of this winters projects running into spring! Look for them at a farmers’ market near you!!

Hope you enjoy looking at them, look for more news as we get them ready to hit the road.

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