LaCressant Bud looking for some sunshine
LaCressant Bud looking for some sunshine

Sorry for missing a few days here, been REAL busy in the field planting, spraying, getting Agri-Tourism stuff ready and all, just not enough time to blog away about it. As you can see by the pic the Buds are breaking, leaves are shaking, just more stuff happeing out there than I can keep up with and here I sit at a Keyboard!!! Yikes, Rut Row, and I could get it done if were not for those meddling kids…….oh sorry wrong story.

Real quick we had a great time in the Winery Cafe’ last weekend. Lots of folks hit our delicatessen hard Saturday both for take home and menu items, we had three tour buses in the afternoon then capped the night off with an awesome performance from Bongo Joe and Steve-O. They do a great Rockin’ Blues sound and are hear about once a month and will also be back for our 1st Blues Fest July 11th too! Check the vid below.

I’ll be back soon with stuff from the vineyard and farm. We moved the Corn maze Tower/Stairs yesterday and today and have pics of the move. Plus I put the kritters out on pasture today too, but got more work to do today yet.



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