Greetings from the FunTSAR at Maize Valley!

Coming up to speed on providing meaningful content for our Ohio Wine and More Blog from Maize Valley. I had hoped to get out a bit early and get started in the vineyard working more on some of the weed control I started the other day, but it a bit too cold yet.

Todd my brother-in-law and our wine maker, has been busy working his way across the varieties pruning last year growth and getting ready for bud break this year. We start with the grapes that we know we won’t have a issue with winter kill and work across the blocks of grapes. This past winter was really hard on our Reisling. We are not sure yet how they are going to emerge as we had an extended period of very cold weather in Jan. The plants seem ok, but the buds look shot. We have a about an acre of newly planted Traminet to uncover yet too. They look good but the first 2-3 years are tough for them, once you getting them going they are usually good to go. Our native american and French American Hybrids all look good and except for some primary bud die back we should be okay as the secondary buds should fill the gaps.

We are also getting some really cool trucks ready to go in our shop for our farmers’ markets this year and I will have pics up soon. One is a 52 Ford and the other is a 51. They look way cool and our fun platforms to sell off of. In the fields they have been getting the vegtable ground ready when the rain gives us a break. They are putting the final touches on some equipment and doing odd jobs that slipped through the cracks this winter.

Looks like a busy night to be had in the winery tonight with a great band, and one group of 30-40 already on board, plus some other smaller groups and walk ins should be a busy night. That’s cool, not much fun growing and making the stuff if nobody enjoys it!

Well gotta go take my daughter to the high school, she has a track meet today then I hope to get back out to the fields, work on my trucks, etc. One cool thing is I really enjoy my “job” and in as much never think of it as “work”.


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