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Pizza guard cat
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Schineders Mill

John Cougar (Melencamp) said it well didn’t he? I am told a good blog lets the readership/followers know a little about the person writing it as well about cold hard facts or links or data. I guess I am sort of a unique person always a step off pace witht the rest of the world sometimes ahead sometimes behind.

I am going to post a little something I will call “Ain’t that America” now and then. Of all places I have noticed the City of Detroit is trying to draw people to it with it’s version of basically reality. They say something like “in this pasturized and homoganized world don’t you need someplace real”? Or something along those lines.

In my line of “work” (I love what I do so does that mean I am unemployed?), I have the opportunity to interact and do business with places in America that are vanishing, places that once were the norm. Many places have vanished because they gave lousy service or failed to adapt to a changing american too.

But these places that have texture, places that have true personality derived from within not copied from someplace else, places that do not apologize for who or what they are but fill a niche or a need before the word niche became cool to say or use a marketing buzzword. It probably all started with “Mad Men”?

These places don’t care about blogs, facebook, twitter, e-mail, instant messaging, American Idol, Blackberry’s, You tube, i-tunes, bono, Paris Hilton…..you get the picture. They care about a handshake, eye contact, time for a story, bartering, quality work, remembering your name & knowing what you got last time, your family, how the last rain hit you and did you get any hail? They fix things that are broken, they get you what you need, they can get you out of a jam.

Good wines and Good Times have the same things going for them, they just come out in flavors, aroma’s, colors and “Legs”. They put an unexpected smile on your face and warm your insides beyond the physical way alcohol can do. They create a desire in you to seek them out and go back there again and experience that feeling again, even though you can’t quite put a finger on what it is.

I Hope you enjoy the view from this character and I hope I can pass this piece of America along to my kids by the examples of life I have witnessed by having the fortune to cross paths with folks that make up the fabric we call America.

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