2007 Suzuki V Strom DL1000
2007 Suzuki V Strom DL1000

It was suggested to me that from time to time I put in a personal note in the blog about who I am as the author of this blog called Ohio Wine and More from Maize Valley Farm Market and Winery. A way to get to know the person behind the story we tell of our family farm, market and winery.

We do a great deal of event based marketing, edgy stuff, we have wines with names like Red Neck Red, Hanky Panky and Big Red Pecker. We “push It” when it comes to marketing, I “Push It” in life. Over the past few years I have lost some loved ones and began to realize there is no guarentee when it comes to tomorrow.

When I became a young parent I sold my bikes, as I became a slightly older one I got one back. I love to ride. Backroad gravel, twisty turns, hard fast straights I love it all. I believe the best bike is the one that “moves” YOU the most no matter what the make.

I try and take this passion and extend it into the marketing we do at Maize Valley those of you who are our friends and guests I hope you appreciate that, I have fun doing it as I must be unemployeed as I love going to “Work”.

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