p90x Yoga, will absolutly kick your butt!!  "Let's get busier"

Well it sounds like a joke right? No it is just me. I guess this is sort of an “about the author blog post“. On a personal note but a business one too because for me those worlds are hopelessly intertwined.

All my life I have had a decent build without working at it much, you know like a lot guys, sort of an athlete but not really. I work a lot and don’t make a ton of cash but I pretty much call the shots how my days go. I figured I can’t afford unecessary “health care” and it is my responsibilty to maintain what god gave me to my best ability.

So last winter I bought the p90x set of DVD’s. My wife and I started in Jan. and love it. It will end up being more like p forever x but that is ok. I try and eat as right as I can but we don’t follow the plan, but again that is ok I am in the best shape of my life anyhow. We found we needed and liked the structure that we got with the p90x workouts and Tony Horton has the same weird sense of humor I do so “it’s all good” I guess.

Another big reason for the fitness plan is I am trying to develop Maize Valley as not only an Agri-Tourism destination but sort of a “destination health” with our homegrown produce and other “good for you” things we grow and sell. We have walking trails in the vineyard and fields too. So if I am going to talk the talk I better Walk the Walk!

Getting off you butt and doing it is probably the hardest part but if you do, you won’t regret it!

Besides I just might be around longer to irritate my kids too!! Sweeeeeeat!!!

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