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Ain’t that America, for You and Me…

Thursday, June 4th, 2009
"Three little pigs"
Pizza guard cat

Pizza guard cat

Calendar from "Way Back in the Day"
Schineders Mill

Schineders Mill

John Cougar (Melencamp) said it well didn’t he? I am told a good blog lets the readership/followers know a little about the person writing it as well about cold hard facts or links or data. I guess I am sort of a unique person always a step off pace witht the rest of the world sometimes ahead sometimes behind.

I am going to post a little something I will call “Ain’t that America” now and then. Of all places I have noticed the City of Detroit is trying to draw people to it with it’s version of basically reality. They say something like “in this pasturized and homoganized world don’t you need someplace real”? Or something along those lines.

In my line of “work” (I love what I do so does that mean I am unemployed?), I have the opportunity to interact and do business with places in America that are vanishing, places that once were the norm. Many places have vanished because they gave lousy service or failed to adapt to a changing american too.

But these places that have texture, places that have true personality derived from within not copied from someplace else, places that do not apologize for who or what they are but fill a niche or a need before the word niche became cool to say or use a marketing buzzword. It probably all started with “Mad Men”?

These places don’t care about blogs, facebook, twitter, e-mail, instant messaging, American Idol, Blackberry’s, You tube, i-tunes, bono, Paris Hilton… get the picture. They care about a handshake, eye contact, time for a story, bartering, quality work, remembering your name & knowing what you got last time, your family, how the last rain hit you and did you get any hail? They fix things that are broken, they get you what you need, they can get you out of a jam.

Good wines and Good Times have the same things going for them, they just come out in flavors, aroma’s, colors and “Legs”. They put an unexpected smile on your face and warm your insides beyond the physical way alcohol can do. They create a desire in you to seek them out and go back there again and experience that feeling again, even though you can’t quite put a finger on what it is.

I Hope you enjoy the view from this character and I hope I can pass this piece of America along to my kids by the examples of life I have witnessed by having the fortune to cross paths with folks that make up the fabric we call America.

Soil Erosion and Cover Crops and What we do.

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Galen Weisant plowing down winter cover crop

Galen Weisant plowing down winter cover crop

Plowing down a "green manure" cover cropAt Maize Valley we do all we can to help keep our soil, well our soil. That means we don’t want it in the water or the air. One thing we do is to plant cover crops such as winter rye. We plant that anywhere from late September to early November. The rye helps keep the soil “covered” and helps to reduce both wind and water erosion. Another cool thing it does is build organic matter in the soil and the roots help to keep the soil loose and “airey”. We have also found it helps with weed control.

We try and cover all the fields we can in the fall but especially the ones that are goin to have a fresh marketed vegtable crop growing in them. Some of the rye we also bale in late spring if we are not needing to get the field into production until later in the season. That rye usually ends up in my awesome “Straw Crawl” in the fall for our fall harvest festivals and activities.

We are not a “hug a tree” farm but rather a sustainable agricultural production location that does a diverse array of things. When I say sustain I mean we try and sustain our families first by just doing common sense stuff that preserves our most valuable resource the land. The Vaughan family has been making a living with the land in Marlboro township since the 1800’s and I hope to not drop the ball if ya know what I mean. So we take care of it and use modern technology and old school common sense to make a living with it not off of it.

Quick drive-by video of plow being lifted at the end of the field.

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Saturday, April 4th, 2009;