Maize Valley 2012 Reserve Blanc

One of the finest wines from the Maize Valley vineyards. Only the second to hold the prestigious “Reserve” label from the family, it is a 2012 Ohio Quality Award Winning vintage made with the Traminette grape. Traminette is a “Princess Diana” of the grape world. On the outside, it appears to be a quiet obeying wife, but on the inside there is a fire that longs to seduce all who venture to know it.

Reserve Blanc has an elegant, floral aroma followed by a slight spiciness, with flavors emerging from citrus like grapefruit and tangerine and a soft honey sweetness. From a family of farmers who strive for excellence and believe in “eat local, drink local” , we hope you enjoy this wine that we believe lives up to the highest standard.

About MV 2012 Reserve Blanc:

Vintage 2012
Varietal La Crescent, Traminette
Varietal Composition 97% Traminette, 3% La Crescent
Barrel Aging N/A
Fermentation 100% Stainless Steel
Fruit Source Maize Valley Vineyards, Hartville, Ohio
Analysis Alcohol – 10.5%, Residual Sugar – .8%
Glass Price $9.00
Price $24.99

Recommended with:

Maize Reserve Blanc is a wonderful wine to serve with many types of food. The bright acidity makes it a perfect choice for poultry and seafood.

2012 Reserve Blanc