How Our Produce is Grown

Over generations of farming, we learned to understand the land and adapt to agricultural changes in order to keep our farm competitive. 

Our fields have various types of soil, each fit for growing different crops:

  • The rich, black soil of the nearby Hartville Swamps cultivates some of the finest quality sweet corn in the country.
  • On sandy mineral soil, we construct raised beds to grow vegetables like cucumber, squash, peppers, melons and tomatoes. This method uses plastic covers and drip tubes to conserve water and reduce the need for additional crop protection products.

We previously operated an agricultural supply company that taught us how crop protection products affect plants and the environment. If pests or other problems threaten our fields, we take necessary steps to protect our crops – whether that involves a hoe or a sprayer.

Unlike part-time hobby gardeners, farming is all we do. Our top priority is growing quality produce that satisfies you while sustaining our family business. To carry on this tradition, we will keep exploring different methods for bringing excellent farm-raised produce to your table.