Join us at Maize Valley for our Sunflower Field Harvest where you can cut your own sunflowers to take home!

The sunflower field won’t be open until summer of 2023.  But in the meantime, please enjoy some pictures of last year’s field!


We will also have some cosmos, zinnias and a handful of wildflowers growing. There may be a small amount of Lavender also but that will be on a day to day basis.

Upon arrival please stop at the main market building for directions and basic instructions.

It’s about a 500 yard walk to the field from the front (main) parking lot but closer closer grass parking is available which puts you about 150 yards away, just don’t go past the Red stop sign that says “No Vehicles beyond this point” please.

No pets permitted on the property.

All of our sunflowers, cosmos, zinnias, and pumpkins this year were planted using a No-Till planting method which also implemented regenerative agriculture production practices.

We don’t till the soil which helps improve water permeability, minimizes carbon escape to the atmosphere, reduces trips over the field which conserves fuel and helps with soil “health” and microbial development.

However it isn’t the easiest way to do things at the start. It is a bit more costly because it requires the use of more companion and cover crop plantings and more intensive management. For instance I scouted slugs in my last sunflower planting. By creating this diverse environment which does all the good listed above we also invite challenges in the way of “pests” that can have a negative impact on the crop we are trying to produce.

You take care of slugs by spraying a mild Nitrogen fertilizer solution on them which kills them. If you don’t they can eat all your seed before it has the chance to germinate and grow. I had this happen last year. You have to do this application when the slugs are out. This meant I had to go out around Midnight. You would be amazed at the number of insects that get attracted to a slow moving tractor’s lights at night. They were so thick I had to cover my mouth to breath.

We are a working family farm, farm market, winery and craft brewery. We appreciate your support and we hope to see you out for our Sunflower experience or other event at Maize Valley.

We are working on another sunflower field where we hope to be able to offer a “Sunset Sip” type event that will include wine and craft beer tastings in the sunflower field. Stay tuned for more updates on this premium event.

Farmer Bill