Peggy Coyle has been singing blues and jazz in top Akron area bands  for 20 years.  At home fronting big bands or duos, she makes any crowd feel like family.  She developed her effusive style while singing with long-time employer and Las Vegas showmaster Phil Palumbo.  She can be found singing at weddings, finer night clubs, festivals, and more – including the National Anthem for the Akron Racers women’s fastpitch team.  Peggy performed weekly at Benito’s with the Mostly Blues Band.  She currently sings with Mike Lenz, the Don Turoso orchestra, and other musicians in Northeast Ohio.

A favorite duo at Maize Valley is Peggy with Brad Bolton (a very talented guitarist).Together, Peggy and Brad are more than the sum of their parts – at least the parts that are still working.  They entertain with blues, jazz, a little country, and pop tunes long forgotten.  They throw in some nostalgic TV theme songs, an old radio jingle, and of course, the turkey baster.  Click here for a sample.