Our People

A business is nothing without good people who help run it.  Maize Valley is very fortunate to have a family that works well together, and is also extremely blessed to have a great staff that makes sure the business runs smoothly.

Kay & Donna Vaughan are the original founders of Maize Valley in the 1960’s.  Back then, the farm was predominantly a cash grain business, but there were also some hogs & beef cattle in the mix.  Kay & Donna were both teaching school full time, while they farmed and raised their family.  The three kids, Steve, Michelle, & Todd learned early in life what it meant to work long, hard hours.  The farm grew and thrived and eventually both Kay & Donna retired from teaching to devote themselves to the farm full time. 

While they are both long past the age of “slowing down”, Kay continues to manage the day to day farming operations growing over 700 acres of fruits, vegetables, hay, soybeans & wheat.  Donna is the first person at the market and winery every morning and is in charge of accounts payable and makes all of the delicious fudge that Maize Valley sells.

Kay & Donna’s daughter Michelle and her husband Bill, joined the farm business in 1985 after graduating from Ohio State University.  Bill the self described “fun tsar” of Maize Valley is the creative genius behind the corn maze and all the outside activities that Maize Valley opens to the public every fall.  He also is in charge of all outside maintenance, grounds keeping, and helps Kay with growing of the many crops.

Michelle shares the duties of managing the day to day operations of the market and winery – ordering inventory, planning events & managing staff.

Kay & Donna’s son Todd, joined Maize Valley after graduating from Ohio State University with a degree in Plant Pathology.  He is the winemaker and also oversees the vineyard.  He and Michelle plan to share duties in the new brewery – set to open in the fall of 2014.

Scott Mann joined Maize Valley in 2009.  He brings many years of retail experience to the business and is in charge of staff management & training, wholesale wine, & is the market manager.

All of the key people at Maize Valley wear many hats –  jobs and job descriptions change almost daily depending on the needs of the business.  Without the hard efforts of these people, Maize Valley would not be the growing success that it is today.