Crusin' da Vines Metal Muscle Nights

Metal Muscle Nites Cruisin’ the Vines, a different kind of Car Event.   We offer activities and fun for the whole family!  Of course it all starts with the cars – and we get a lot of them .  All different kinds –  classic, oldies, rods, customs and bikes.  Our last cruise had about 300 cars and in 2014 we averaged 75-125 any given week.  It depends on the weather and what else is going on in the way of other events etc. There’s no admission and no judging.  Just bring your cars/bikes and have a lot of fun!  We say it starts at 6, but some days cars start pulling in as early as 4 and as the nights get shorter it wraps up sooner too. We get a very nice mix of cars, some are regulars who come every week.  There are always new cars to look at as well.  The folks who bring out their cars are a real friendly group of people who are always happy to tell you about their ride. Bikes are always welcome as well and we have been seeing a steady growth in numbers of bikes. Top Down DJ’s provides the music, helps park the cars, takes lots of pictures to post on their website, and they give out tons of door prizes!  We couldn’t host this cruisin without them. Maize Valley offers free wagon rides around the vineyard, provides great cruiser food packages with a weekly “Cruiser Special”.  You can also grab a glass of wine, or a delicious cold craft beer to enjoy. Then of course there is the pumpkin cannon.  (We know it’s the only reason some of you come out!)  We bring it out later in the season.  If you haven’t seen Marlboro Madness perform – well this is your chance, you know she can fire a pumpkin about a half a mile! We are different sort of Crusin’ with things to do for an entire family.  A place for folks to display their pride and joy while others can appreciate it. We try and “Walk the Walk” also.  We are not just a business who opens its doors to gearheads and tries to make a buck off them.  Members of the family have oil in their veins you might say!  Bill & Michelle, two of the family members and owners at Maize Valley own a 65′ Impala SS.   It has been on the road since 1990.   It’s a bit dinged up but they raised three kids in it and it has gone on its fair share of Ice Cream runs and trips to high school dances.  Bill just did a frame off recondition (It is a “work Jeep around the farm) which included making up cross members and over all cut, weld, and rebuild. Remember – cruisins start Thursday May 14th and go every Thursday (weather permitting) thru September 24th. All in all it is a cruise like no other, good roads, easy to find, and plenty of clean country air.  We hope to see you soon! At Maize Valley We Make Great Wine and Beer…FUN!!

Upcoming Cruisin’s

There are no upcoming events at this time.