Wine Glassware

There are as many types of glassware styles and varieties of wine. As with wine, personal preference should always be your guide. That said, fine wine glassware has been designed to show off the attributes of its contents.

Wine Glassware Designed for Specific Uses

Although wine can be enjoyed out of any type of glass – even a jelly jar – certain characteristics of wine glassware may enhance wine tasting. The first involves the thickness of the glass itself. A thin rim transports the wine to the mouth smoothly, allowing for full initial appreciation of the wine’s texture. The texture and color of the glass are also important. Smooth, clear glass best displays a wine’s true color and clarity. Finally, the shape and size of the bowl may affect the way a wine tastes. Riedel glassware is designed to release the fullest aroma of each varietal based on the shape of the bowl and the corresponding width of the rim. These same features deliver the wine to a targeted area on the palate, revealing the nuances of each variety. For example, a Sauvignon Blanc glass from Riedel has a narrow bowl designed to deliver the sip of wine mid-palate to accommodate the prominent acidity of this varietal. A glass with a broader bowl would deliver the wine to the sides of your tongue, where keen perception of acid would make the Sauvignon Blanc taste overly acidic.