Dessert Wines

As the name implies, dessert wines are sweet enough to complement (or be!) dessert. They’re typically thicker, richer and stronger than average table wines. Because they’re more potent, dessert wines come in smaller bottles, served in tiny glasses as a 2-ounce pour.

The dessert wine category includes fortified wines like port, sherry and vermouth, which are made by halting fermentation before all of the sugar converts to alcohol, then adding distilled spirits. We harvest grapes late in the season for dessert wines, because grapes have either shriveled or frozen by then, pulling out water to leave residual sugar.

Dessert wines should always be sweeter than the dessert they accompany, because overly sugary sweets can make semi-sweet wines taste bitter. Maize Valley’s dessert wines are the perfect end to any meal. Check out our selection below.