Redneck Red


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Red Neck Red

Red Neck Red

Red Neck Red

Maize Valley

Red Neck Red is Maize Valley’s #1 selling wine and cornerstone to the beginning of wine making for the family. The taste of this wine will conjure memories of picking grapes off of the vines that covered fences in the back yard on the farm. Made with the Concord grape, it is a staple of the American diet, a part of growing up, like peanut butter and jam on bread. Appropriately named after the Massachusetts village of Concord where the first of its variety was grown, it is a true patriot of Americana, present at every FUN gathering of friends and family from sea to shining sea. There is no mistaking Red Neck Red in a crowd. Taste it once and you will remember the sweet, fruity character forever. Who cares if it is a little foxy? After all, it is the sweet jelly of our youth!

Having a real big hoe-down? Grab some Red Neck Red wine in a 1/2 gallon thumb jug, kick back, and let the “Red Neck” party begin!

The concord grape is a cold-hardy grape. The Lake Erie Concord Grape Belt is the oldest concord grape growing region in the world and stretches some 60 miles with roughly 30,000 acres of majestically scenic vineyards.


About MV Redneck Red:

Vintage 2012
Varietal Concord
Varietal Composition 100% Concord
Barrel Aging N/A
Fermentation 100% Stainless Steel
Fruit Source Pennsylvania
Analysis Alcohol – 10.5%
Residual Sugar – 5%
Glass Price $6.00
Price $11.99

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Red Neck Red is a perfect pairing for your next barbeque, picnic, or any gathering that you want to kick-back and have some fun. Eat what you like, drink what you like….be happy!

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