Beer Run Sticker




Proceeds (Sales less our cost) from sales of the sticker in event pic will be donated to Local workers and small business owners in the Lower Key’s and Key West that have been negatively impacted by Hurricane Irma. The stickers cost us a little over $1.00 (depending on number we order) and we are selling them for $5.00 plus $1 for shipping. Anything over our cost will be divided between two funds listed below. That should be around $3.00 per sticker, I am working on lowering costs. If we order more and I can extend shipping they get cheaper. Let’s see how popular they are.

Why are we doing this you ask? Many of our ideas for events and how we roll here at Maize Valley come from other places with the Key’s Playing a huge roll in that. Including the Drink for Pink 0.0K which was the reason for the sticker.

We have met many hard working “Local’s” people just like us down there and this is our little way of giving back. See description in our events section for the upcoming Drink for Pink 0.0K Beer “run”, we got that idea there.

We are working with two Key West Based Fishing Charter Crews, Fishmonster Charters and the High Class Hooker who are familiar with the area and local individuals in need of a little help.

The crew of Fishmonster Charters has developed an “Adopt a Local” program that will assist local workers who have submitted applications. You can fill out a form directly if you know someone or not they will help pair you up. I will post the form in this event discussion thread. And here is a link to their document.

The crew of the High Class Hooker has started a Go Fund Me account which will help members of the Key West Fishing Fleet who need a little hand, in cases where they have gaps in their insurance or a little start up funds to help with fuel or bait so they can get back to fishing. Here is the link

In Both cases the money goes right to the working people neither organizing entity is profiting from their efforts they are just going about it in different ways. We are trying to help both.


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