Winter Wine

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Winter Wine

Winter Wine

Maize Valley

Winter wine is a blend of native american grape wines. Some of the native american varities you may be familar with are Concord, Catabwa, Niagara, or Deleware. They make wines that bear those names or in the case of Maize Valley wines Red Neck Red, Hanky Panky or Mad Cow. The wines made with these types of grapes are generally made sweet and are very fruity. These are the same types of grapes that go into things like Welch’s grape juice and jams, jelly’s and grandma’s oh so good pies. Winter Wine reflects these qualities and is a great gift for the sweet wine drinker.

We package this easy drinking fun wine in an equally fun special shrink wrapped bottle that looks as cute as any Frosty the snowman. The snowmen and snowwomen make their way around the bottle in unique winter scene which was designed by a local artist whose daughter Jesse has worked at the winery for many years now.

About MV Winter Wine:

VINTAGE Non-Vintage
PRICE $12.99