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La Crescent

Maize Valley

Born in Minnesota and bred to be tough and hardy, the La Crescent is one of the French-American hybrids that Maize Valley picked to plant in the fields where sweet corn used to grow. A regular “polar bear” of the grape world, it lives happy in the harsh winter climate of the Maize Valley vineyards.

La Crescent makes a Germanic-natured wine with some character reminiscent of Riesling.

La Crescent has naturally high levels of sugar and acidity, therefore lending itself to produce superior quality wines when finished off-dry or semi-sweet. Maize Valley 2011 La Crescent wine received a prestigious Ohio Quality Award distinction. The aromatic structure of this grape is delightful, apricot is most noticeable, while tangerine, grapefruit and other citrus fla-vors are most common in the finished wine.


About MV La Crescent:

Vintage 2011
Varietal Seyval Blanc
La Crescent
Varietal Composition 95% La Crescent
5% Seyval Blanc
Barrel Aging N/A
Fermentation 100%
Fruit Source Maize Valley Vineyards, Hartville, Ohio
Analysis Alcohol – 10.25%
Residual Sugar – 1.8%
Glass Price $6.00
Price $16.99

Recommended with:

La Crescent wine is a delightful addition to your cheese and cracker appetizers. It suits best with mild soft to semi-hard cheeses.

For entrée pairing, seafood is always a great choice. The bright acidity compliments dishes like calamari, salmon, walleye or trout.