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Maize Valley

Maize Valley Blackberry Wine is made from 100% blackberries, no grapes in this one! Sweet and smooth with vibrant fruitiness of succulent, sun-drenched berries. This wine is the perfect dessert wine or after dinner aperitif.

The usually black fruit is not a true berry! Botanically it is termed as an aggregate fruit, com-posed of small drupelets. We just consider it “delicious”!

  • Add to a Mojito or Margarita for a fresh new flavor
  • Shake on ice with Gin or Vodka for a perfect “Wine-tini”
  • Reduce and serve as a sauce over meats or poultry


About MV Blackberry:

Vintage 2013
Varietal Blackberry
Varietal Composition 100% Blackberry
Barrel Aging N/A
Fermentation 100% Stainless Steel
Fruit Source Michigan
Analysis Alcohol – 11%
Residual Sugar – 8%
Glass Price $9.00
Price $18.99

Recommended with:

Maize Valley Blackberry wine is a perfect dessert companion. We suggest luscious dark chocolate desserts, or light creamy Crème Brulee and cheesecakes.