2016 Reserve Blanc

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2016 Reserve Blanc

2016 Reserve Blanc

Maize Valley

One of the finest wines from the Maize Valley vineyards. Only the second to hold the prestigious “Reserve” label from the family, it is  made with the Traminette grape. Traminette is a “Princess Diana” of the grape world. On the outside, it appears to be a quiet obeying wife, but on the inside there is a fire that longs to seduce all who venture to know it.

Reserve Blanc has an elegant, floral aroma followed by a slight spiciness, with flavors emerging from citrus like grapefruit and tangerine and a soft honey sweetness. From a family of farmers who strive for excellence and believe in “eat local, drink local” , we hope you enjoy this wine that we believe lives up to the highest standard.

About MV 2016 Reserve Blanc:

Vintage 2016
Varietal Traminette
La Crescent
Varietal Composition 3% La Crescent
97% Traminette
Barrel Aging N/A
Fermentation 100% Stainless Steel
Fruit Source Maize Valley Vineyards, Hartville, Ohio
Analysis Alcohol – 10.5%
Residual Sugar – .8%
Glass Price $7.00
Price $14.99

Recommended with:

Maize Reserve Blanc is a wonderful wine to serve with many types of food. The bright acidity makes it a perfect choice for poultry and seafood.