B – I – N – G – O

We all played it as kids – now you can play a musical version. Completely FREE to play and so much fun!! Every Wednesday and Friday at 6 pm.

Everyone gets a bingo card and on each square is the name of a song. We play a 30 second clip of that song, if you have it, mark that square. The first one to get a “bingo” gets a prize. We play multiple games on each card and the bingo leader will determine at the start of each game, how to win. It might be 4 corners, it might be diagonal, straight across or up and down.

Each night we play 3 rounds and each round has a different theme – such as classic 70’s, boy bands, sing along songs, movie theme songs and more.

Yes – you can use whatever music identifing app you like to help you identify the songs. No – we do not take reservations. See you soon!!!