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July 27

Pod Cast Display in Winery Tasting Area

Pod Cast Display in Winery Tasting Area

Pod Cast Display in Winery Tasting Area

Pod Cast Display in Winery Tasting Area

Cat saying to itself, "Here he goes again"
Brett hitting the road last night

Brett hitting the road last night

People are hungry for wine nowadays and just as hungry for information and being “in the know” about the process and what all it takes to bring that product to their lips.

The Ohio Wine Producers Association (OWPA) has put together a series of educational pod casts that talk about many of the different processes, equipment and skills that go into producing wine. When you participate in the Canal Country Wine Trail Pod Cast tour you can end up with cool stuff and other Ohio Wine SWAG, check it out!

You can visit the (OWPA) web site to learn specifically about this educational opportunity by following the link posted on the lower right corner of this blog.

At Maize Valley we have the pleasure to host the barrel display courtesy of Canton Wood Products of Lebannon Ky. They were generous enough to put together a great display and provide super information for the pod cast which you can listen to by following this link;

http://www.ohiowines.org/podcasts.shtml or go to the OWPA link on the blog page and get all the info. And while you are there you can get the digg on Vintage Ohio too!!

We even have barrel here you can come see, touch, feel, smell, whatever pops your cork! (Oh I am soooo funny), er… LOL.

With the idea being you come to our location and buy truckloads of wine to get you through the winter or maybe this Ohio summer, anybody else notice how cold it is? Hey Al what’s up?? Anyhow……..

I just put in two other pics above as well. Mostly because I have a Blackberry and when I see something I think is cool I snap a pic. The cat just gets tired of hearing my voice and Brett loves to ride his trike!

No video this post, check out the Pod Casts!!



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