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May 21

Plastic mulched beds waiting on the "Maters"

Raised potatoe bed

Raised potatoe bed

They don't care about no stinkin' frost!!

They don't care about no stinkin' frost!!

As I have said we are much more than just Ohio Wine! As you can see by my posts on Monday the vineyard took a hit with the frost Monday morning, then another slight one on Tuesday too! Oh well to quote the famous philospher “Draphiki” in the Lion King, “It’s in the Past”. And I am trying to get on with that whole Hakuna Matata thing now. I will give update on the vineyard in about a week, it is too depressing to go out there right now with a camera.

In today’s pics and vids check out our other things we grow I have a couple of shots of what is going on “down on the farm” this week. Yesterday Kay, my father-in-law picked up our watermelon sets, today he is planting sweet corn, and “decorative Corn” before P.C. we called it “Indian Corn”. I painted the maze stairs/tower and myself. Transfering the planter over to plant the corn maze and pumpkins tomorrow.

Sorry for the short posts just really struggling to get time to do the work and get the posts up too.



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