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Ohio Wines…On The GO!!

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

JUNE is Ohio Wine Month……………………….DUDE!!!

This summer the Ohio Grape Industries Committee, is excited to announce that the Ohio Grape Industries’ Ohio Wine Guide will be expanded to include web-based downloadable GPS tours.

Ohio Wines… on the go! gives visitors access to six regional tours of Ohio wineries. Visitors can download turn-by-turn directions to their : Garmin, TomTom, Smartphone, PDA, iPod or any MP3 player. Also included is a brief description of each winery, along with contact information and hours of operation.

Check out the links on the bottom right side of the blog homepage for more information about other great Ohio Wine resources.

Click on the the one called Ohio Wine on the go East first because that is where we are and we are cool.

I just had to say that.

Video of some last spring season vine pruning

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Finishing up the winter pruning

Finishing up the winter pruning

Here is Todd Vaughan the Wine Maker at Maize Valley doing some late season vine pruning. He is finishing up some work on our French American Variety “LaCrescent”. It is hearty white grape that is good to temperatures down to about 20 degrees below zero F.

Todd “Z” winemaker in the vineyard

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Todd getting our vines ready to Rock and Roll

Todd getting our vines ready to Rock and Roll

Hey check it out Todd our winemaker is almost done with our spring grape pruning. Actually Todd has been great doing almost all of the field work this spring. I killed the weeds, he knocked down the hard work of cutting the wood! I actually shot a bit of video with him working with a little of the how-to’s but it did not want to load so I hope to have that up next week.

Basically what Todd is doing is cutting back some of last years growth and getting ready for this years blooms. We waited a bit longer this year to do some of this work because it got so darn cold last year we were not sure how much “die back” we had so we waited till closer to bud break, now we hope they slow down because we are not out of the woods yet for a frost ane we don’t need those tender little buds hanging out without a coat on!!

Stay tuned for the video,



How sweet it is……, Wine I mean

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

As you may have seen I am on Twitter. Many people ask what is that? How do I use it? What good is it? Well I use it to search out things I am interested in or need to better understand as a farmer, business person and owner of a winery with what you might say is “ADHD”!

We have over 20 different types of wine on our racks at Maize Valley. From fruit wines to grape, from dry to sweet.

Most “wine drinkers” are really suprised when talking about wine with them when I tell them that sweet wines make up over 75% of our sales. Then you get into a long discussion about the why’s and why not’s etc. and what the different chacteristics are that make up wine it is good to find resources to refer to. I have found one such resource.

Now I could steal their work and post it as something I found out but I would rather just say hey, check this out and hope you learn something from it. Our blog is called Wine and More and I just can’t get it all done and do the work around the farm too!

So check out “The Wine Whore” @

Read and enjoy!



Rich Top soil and High ground too, plus some wine info…. WOW

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Galen's boys picking up rocks behing my house

Galen's boys picking up rocks behing my house

Freshly plowed ground ready for sweet corn seed

Freshly plowed ground ready for sweet corn seed

As you see we are getting ready to plant, Kay my father-in-law has been busy with Galen and the crews getting ready to start putting some seeds in the ground.

We do no-till, minimum tillage, and conventional farm techniques at Maize Valley. For the early vegtable crops we go pretty much conventional or the “old School” plowing and working the ground. We do that because that helps to warm the soil up and dry it out and that is really important to us early in the season. We go to farmers’ markets and for our own market our season is so short we have to try and get a crop to market as soon as possible.

We do plant “winter cover crops” such as winter rye as much as we can till it gets too late in the fall. They help hold the soil in place over the winter then we either let them grow up and bale the straw, or we plow them under as a “green manure” to add organic matter back to the soil. But you can’t let the rye get too big where you want to plant sweet corn because as the rye gets bigger it releases a chemical into the soil that is harmful to sweet corn! So when you hear about “chemicals” always get the rest of the story as a famous person used to say, mother nature has some too!

I also have a neat link in here I got off of twitter about the Ohio wine history, be sure to check it out.

Learn More about Ohio Wine

Saturday, April 4th, 2009;