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Thursday, August 13th, 2009
Me and my V Strom

Me and my V Strom

I am currently having major problems with my main computer which houses all my pics, videos, links, passwords etc. It is all backed up, but that does not change the fact I am somewhat restrained from keeping up with crop updates and other YouTube realted content more usually associated with this blog. (It keeps making this funny “hot plastic” smell, I don’t think that is a good thing??!!) Scroll back if you want to see “normal”, or at least my version of that.

Plus we are just busier than a dickens getting all the field work done too. So here is a “filler” post. Read if ya care, if not wait for more wine and cool crop stuff when I get this gosh darn black box working better.

Along those lines of getting to know this blogger. I walk in many worlds, I always have, it gives me perspective(s). I now live as a farmer/marketer in semi rural Ohio as part of a farm family who’s ancestors settled in what is now Marlboro Township Ohio in the 1800’s.

I married into the Vaughan family after meeting Michelle Vaughan while we were attending The Ohio State University. Her roots are very much multi-generational protestant based rural America. I, on the other had became interested in agriculture because my parents Dimitry and Loretta Bakan moved “to the country” back in 1962. My Dad is WWII Marine Corps and still kicking and taking care of Mom.

They moved out of the “Burbs” of Cleveland to a little town called Hinckley Ohio. I began to work with a farmer, Brian Cadnum when I was 11. He sparked my interest in agriculture and we are friends to this day.

My Grandparents came over “on a boat” like many Eastern European immigrants at the beginning of the 1900’s. My backround is more of “urban ethnic” and centered around family and church more so than the protestant tradition. Some of my grandparents were chased around the country by the K.K.K. till they landed in Cleveland. I grew up in the Russian/Ukranian Orthodox church, if you don’t know what that is they sort of make the Catholics’ look relaxed and free wheeling.

I grew up in the country and hate city life. I don’t even like to visit it much. Too many memories of days at Aunt’s and Uncle’s houses trapped in a concrete jungle on a sunny Sunday when I should have been out swinging from vines, and climbing trees.

So I guess what I am getting at is I understand marketing, nationalism, family, religion, community, from a very mixed and diverse perspective. I live now in a world defined and ruled by physics, mostly beyond my control, I just have to manage it. But it has helped me understand that physics rules all things from social settings, to economics to chemistry.

All things seek balance and the equation will always try and balance itself. Once you understand that all things in life while maybe not easy, are at least understandable.

Thanks for reading, I hope to have “Ohio Wine and More” back on track soon!



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Thursday, June 18th, 2009
Me and my V Strom, one AWESOME machine!

Me and my V Strom, one AWESOME machine!

Goofing off last weekend

Goofing off last weekend

Ok, Ok, so here they run a “Social Media” article about a few of us and here I am with the latest blog posting a week old after doing about 5 a week for over a month, SORRY! I promise to do better! Like most producers life on the farm is very busy right now and it is tough to get all the work done, take care of family stuff, and now tell the world about it or keep up learning how others are doing as well.

So I have fallen a bit off as of late and even took part of a day off last Sunday to boot. But it was worth it 6 hours on my bike just melts away any worries or cares or “I need to do thats”. Scroll back a bit and wander through my last two months worth of work and tell what ya like or don’t like. I am no expert just a guy trying to figure out a new way to communicate.

I have to say thanks to all the folks out there that have helped me along the way. Susan Crowl at the Farm and Dairy, Donnie Winchell at the Ohio Wine Producers, Dan Toland at The Ohio Farm Bureau, Paul Ferris a Face book friend, and my way cool folks at The Karcher Group who help me put it all together and look to the future.

We are talking about hosting a “Tweet Up” here this fall. I am not even sure what that is but, just like my bike I drive hard into the corners not knowing what is around the bend, drop a few gears, hard on the front brake easy on the back and NAIL IT as I come out of the bend. It has worked so far for most things!

Oh and P.S. to that guy on the Harley, Sorry about that when you twisted the throttle I thought your bike would accelerate?? Hope I did not peal too much paint off as I went by??!!

a p90x client, a farmer, and a biker walk into a bar….

Monday, May 25th, 2009
p90x Yoga, will absolutly kick your butt!!  "Let's get busier"

Well it sounds like a joke right? No it is just me. I guess this is sort of an “about the author blog post“. On a personal note but a business one too because for me those worlds are hopelessly intertwined.

All my life I have had a decent build without working at it much, you know like a lot guys, sort of an athlete but not really. I work a lot and don’t make a ton of cash but I pretty much call the shots how my days go. I figured I can’t afford unecessary “health care” and it is my responsibilty to maintain what god gave me to my best ability.

So last winter I bought the p90x set of DVD’s. My wife and I started in Jan. and love it. It will end up being more like p forever x but that is ok. I try and eat as right as I can but we don’t follow the plan, but again that is ok I am in the best shape of my life anyhow. We found we needed and liked the structure that we got with the p90x workouts and Tony Horton has the same weird sense of humor I do so “it’s all good” I guess.

Another big reason for the fitness plan is I am trying to develop Maize Valley as not only an Agri-Tourism destination but sort of a “destination health” with our homegrown produce and other “good for you” things we grow and sell. We have walking trails in the vineyard and fields too. So if I am going to talk the talk I better Walk the Walk!

Getting off you butt and doing it is probably the hardest part but if you do, you won’t regret it!

Besides I just might be around longer to irritate my kids too!! Sweeeeeeat!!!

Last Sunday’s Fun

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

One Awesome Bike!!

One Awesome Bike!!

Bikes always gather here

Bikes always gather here

Just had to give a shout out about the way cool, good time I had on the bike last weekend. Only put on about 300 miles but still hit some real nice twisty turns down around Leesville and the Atwood lake region too.

Gotta Have Fun TWO!

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

2007 Suzuki DL 1000 VStrom

2007 Suzuki DL 1000 VStrom

Two years ago now our family lost our wonderful Sister, my brother Tim’s wife, Mary Ellen Bakan to breast cancer. Among other things Mary Ellen was our “pumpkin lady” in the fall. Always making sure everybody paid for their pumpkins just in case they “forgot” when they were leaving the field. She was a wonderful school teacher and very sweet lady.

Years before I sold my motorcycles when we had kids. But with Mary Ellen leaving our lives so early I decided I did not know what was around the next corner. So in 2007 I bought a brand spankin new Suzuki DL 1000 VStrom!

Yea we work a lot here on our farm, market and winery but I try and always remember to have some fun two. The reason I say “two” the VStrom is one of the baddest, most kick but TWO cylinder bikes on the road. Or in this bike case off road too as it can carve the “twisties”, climb the gravel roads, then hit the pavement and run up towards 140mph!

I feel the Need, the Need for speed.