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Carnage in the CORN! More Fall FUN @ Maize Valley

Friday, August 20th, 2010
U never know what U R gonna C @ M.V.!

U never know what U R gonna C @ M.V.!

Brett seeing where this is going....

Brett seeing where this is going....

Brett seeing how high this corn is going to grow!

Brett seeing how high this corn is going to grow!

U know we like to say “Come and see why Maize Valley IS the Place to Be!” Well we try and make Great Wine…FUN!! Life is just too darn short to take too much too seriously! Yes we are a winery but we are so much more. Maize Valley is Northeast Ohio’s most complete Fall Harvest Destination. No we don’t “pose” or “primp” what we do is deliver good times. It get’s a little crazy around here in late September and October but we “Bring it” and it shows.

We will put the quality of our wines up against any in the state if your worried we are just a bunch of Rednecks not concerned about producing a top notch product. But we also don’t worry too much about sacrificing the “quality of life” just to bring mearly “product” to the table. Life is great down on the farm and we love to share it during the harvest season.

We are unique that is true, we offer corn mazes, pumpkin picking, wagon rides, NASHOG pig races, a giant straw crawl, kids play area, an animal pasture complete with goat feeding ramps, great indoor sitdown food, outdoor “walking food”, a LARGE barrel pumpkin cannon, and even a haunted attraction too! And there is more. You can also check out our Face Book Carnage in the Corn if ya like too!

The Carnage in the corn maze is a seperate attraction from the main Megasaurus corn maze, but talk to us and we can bundle things together, offer group pricing, food, campfires, wagon rides are included in pricing the hours you can spend with us can get long but always are fun. Carnage is designed to fun for all ages. Check back or check in with us for special packages like “sip and scare” and more.

We raise 52 crops on 700 acres, but our most important and perishable crop is our 53rd crop….FUN! You can always go back and get more wine, but you can’t go back and make more time!

Harvest the Fall Fun At Maize Valley!

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Balloon Glow

Balloon Glow

Old Tires R just 2 much fun!

Fun by the truckload

Maize Valley Farm Market and Winery will be “Bringing it” again this fall with our fall harvest of fun!

It’s been a while since I “blogged it out” here sorry! Been pretty busy with the Face Book account so if you havn’t seen that be sure and check it out too.

So what’s coming up down on the farm??? What isn’t? At Maize Valley we farm about 700 acres. On this soil we produce about 52 different crops. But our 53rd and most important crop is FUN! That all comes to a head in September and October. Wagon rides, pumpkins and so much more. Corn mazes with interactive games, pig races, pumpkin cannon’s, and more make Maize Valley your most complete fall harvest destination.

We have a balloon lift off, an art show, a car crushing fire breathing metal dinasour and of course our way too fun haunted corn maze too. The list goes on, there is pretty much something for everyone at Maize Valley.

Couples, families, corporate groups, church organizations are just a few of the friends we have stop by and visit with us throughout the year but especially during the fall harvest season. Some have been returning for over a decade now.

Did I mention that you should come hungry? Yep we got your back there too. From inside the winery and market cafe’ with a very extensive menu to more of a “walking style” out door fair we have something for you at fair prices. We want you to spead the word, not walk away with sticker shock.

For 2010 the corn maze opens Sept. 18th the balloon lift is Sept. 25th, the Haunted corn maze opens Oct. 1st. That get’s you started please visit our web page for complete details.

Come and see why Maize Valley IS the place to BE!