Farmathalon Race Rules

Farmathalon Race Rules

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Each participant of the Farmathalon understands and acknowledges that the Farmathalon is an extreme event and accepts ALL risks associated with this event.

Partcipants are strictly prohibited from consuming alcohol prior to completing the course.

Each participant will be asked to wear their race bib while on the course.  Any individual not wearing a bib will be asked to exit the course by course officials.

Course officials will be placed throughout the course to maintain flow of the race.  If an obstacle cannot be performed, or is too challenging, they may ask that you skip the obstacle.  If a farmathalete is not able to perform an obstacle, they are eliminated from award eligibility.

Course officials have the right to remove any participant from the course for any reason they deem necessary including, but not limited to: inabiity to complete the course, unsportsmanlike conduct, offensive language or gestures, etc.

No pets allowed.

Partcipants myst be 14 years of age to participate in the Farmathalon.

The event will take place rain or shine.  If extreme weather occors or is hazardous, Maize Valley reserves the right to cancel the event.